Install the Lean Starter Vault

Download & extract

  1. Go to and purchase the LSV. As this is a free vault, you can enter a value of "0" in the price field.
  2. Download and extract the zip archive.
  3. Once extracted, you should see a folder called Lean Starter. From now on, I will refer to this as the LSV Folder.

Open in Obsidian

Now we need to get this into Obsidian.

  1. Open Obsidian

  2. Click on the vault icon (for Obsidian version below 1.6.0) or the vault switcher (Obsidian version 1.6.0 and higher) and Manage Vaults.
    Vault Selector.png

  3. In the popup window click on Open.
    Open Vault.png

  4. Navigate to the LSV Folder and click on Select Folder.
    LSV Select Folder.png

  5. When prompted to do so, click on Trust author and enable plugins.
    Trust Vault Author.png

  6. The LSV will open with the settings dialog open. Click out of it and you should be on the Read Me First page. If not, click on it in the left-hand navigation.
    LCR Read Me First.png

  7. In the bottom righ-hand corner, you should find an icon indicating that there are plugin updates available. Click on it (1), select all plugins (2), and click on Update Plugins (3).
    Update Plugins.png