DVJS - Field-based progress tracker


This query will


This is a DataviewJS query to find files that have "bad" - i.e. corrupt - frontmatter.


Don't forget to start and end the code block with three backticks.

// Get the current page's metadata
const page = dv.current();

// Check if the page and its frontmatter exist
if (page && page.file && page.file.frontmatter) {
    // Access the frontmatter of the current page
    const frontmatter = page.file.frontmatter;

    // Filter the frontmatter to only include keys that start with "habit"
    const habits = Object.entries(frontmatter).filter(([key, value]) => key.startsWith("habit"));

    // Count the total number of "habit" fields
    const totalHabits = habits.length;

    // Count how many of those "habit" fields are set to true
    const trueHabits = habits.filter(([key, value]) => value === true).length;

    // Calculate the completion percentage of true "habit" fields
    const completionPercentage = totalHabits > 0 ? (trueHabits / totalHabits) * 100 : 0;

    // Display the total number of "habit" fields
    dv.paragraph(`Total habit fields: ${totalHabits}`);

    // Display the number of "habit" fields that are true
    dv.paragraph(`True habit fields: ${trueHabits}`);

    // Display the completion percentage of true "habit" fields
    dv.paragraph(`Completion percentage: ${completionPercentage.toFixed(2)}%`);
} else {
    // Display a message if no frontmatter is found in the current note
    dv.paragraph("No frontmatter found in the current note.");


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