LeanProductivity CRM Vault

I provide a downloadable CRM vault. This is part of the LeanProductivity Vault Collection. You can use it to kickstart your own CRM instance.

Alternatively, you can follow the step-by-step instructions in the video and build it from scratch - it really depends on how much you value your time.

πŸ‘ Introduction

The Lean CRM vault only includes what is needed for having a CRM solution inside of Obsidian.

If you are looking for a more generic vault to get started, check the free LeanProductivity Starter Vault.

The Lean CRM vault contains

I will update it as needed. Here you can always download the latest version. Once purchased, you will be eligible for free updates.

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Additional Lean Vaults

You should know

All these vaults can easily be integrated into the free LeanProductivity Starter Vault and do not cause any conflicts when used together.
They are also built so that they should integrate with your existing vault - but obviously, this cannot be guaranteed.
So make a backup before merging them.

πŸ”— Download3πŸ“„ Documentation🎞️ Tutorial
Lean StarterReadWatch
Lean TravelReadWatch
Lean Vaults CollectionReadn/a

Entity Structure

The whole system is based on five entities and related interactions.
The main entity is Accounts, to which Contacts and Opportunities are directly related. The last entity is Products which is related to Opportunities. Interactions can be related to Contacts and Opportunities at the same time.

See the diagram below for the relationship types.

Lean CRM - Structure.png

Vault Contents

πŸ“‚ Folder Structure

🎯 Core Plugins

πŸ”Œ Community Plugins

❗ Required