Foreground, Background


The "foreground" property is used to define the primary text and foreground color for visuals and elements within your reports and dashboards.

This helps create a visually cohesive and user-friendly experience for both technical and non-technical users when interacting with your Power BI reports and dashboards.


While the "foreground" color is generally applied to primary text and prominent elements, "ForegroundNeutralSecondary" allows you to define a distinct color for secondary text, labels, or other less emphasized foreground elements.

This property helps create a hierarchy of visual importance within your Power BI visuals, ensuring that primary content stands out while secondary information maintains a consistent and visually pleasing appearance.


While the "ForegroundNeutralSecondary" property addresses secondary elements, "ForegroundNeutralTertiary" is used for even less emphasized components like fine print, annotations, or less important details.

By defining a distinct color for "ForegroundNeutralTertiary", you can establish a consistent and visually pleasing appearance for these tertiary elements, ensuring that they remain readable and harmonious with the overall design.


The "Background" property plays a fundamental role by establishing a consistent and visually coherent backdrop against which your data and content are presented. By specifying the "Background" color, you can ensure that all visual elements within your Power BI assets share a unified and aesthetically pleasing background, contributing to a harmonious and professional design.

This property is particularly essential for maintaining a cohesive visual theme and ensuring that your reports and dashboards are visually engaging.


While the "Background" color sets the primary backdrop, "BackgroundNeutral" allows you to define a distinct background color for less emphasized sections or elements, such as sidebars, footers, or secondary panels.


The "BackgroundLight" property is employed to specify a lighter shade of background color, typically used for specific visual elements or areas where a subtle contrast is desired.

"BackgroundLight" is often applied to elements like tooltips, minor borders, or highlights to draw attention to specific content or interactions while maintaining overall visual consistency.


	"name": "LeanProductivity",
ย  ย  "foreground": "#FFFFFF",
ย  ย  "foregroundNeutralSecondary": "#B3B3B3",
ย  ย  "foregroundNeutralTertiary": "#B3B3B3",
ย  ย  "background": "#1B2631",
ย  ย  "backgroundNeutral": "#808080",
ย  ย  "backgroundLight": "#25D0F7",	


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