Lean Vaults Integration Guide

Applicability of this guide

Each vault comes as a separate zip archive.
The archive name includes the vault's version number in the format of "xx.xx" and release date "YYYYMMDD" (e.g., 05.01.20240530).
These instructions apply to all vault versions released on or after May 30, 2024.

This is a detailed description of how you can merge any of the vaults in the LeanProductivity Vault Collection with any other (Lean) Vaults.

Safety First!

As always, make sure to make a backup of your vault before trying to merge them!


The guide is based on first using the free Lean Starter vault (LSV) and then adding the Lean CRM vault (LCR). The principle remains the same even if you do it the other way round or merge one of the Lean Vaults with you own.

  1. Install the Lean Starter Vault
  2. Install another vault from the LVC
  3. Merge the Vaults
  4. Configure QuickAdd Actions

Lean Vaults Collection Overview

The LeanProductivity Starter Vault is at the core of the Lean Vaults Collection.
Around it, you can find multiple vaults, each of which is dedicated to a specific purpose.
Use the #Modules Overview below to learn more about each of them.
Obsidian Vault Collection Grey 1080x1080.png|400

Available Modules

🔗 Download4📄 Documentation🎞ī¸ Tutorial
Lean CRM,LCRReadWatch
Lean Starter,LSVReadWatch
Lean Travel,LTRReadWatch
Lean Vaults Collection,LVC,Lean VaultsReadn/a

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